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The Forever Filter is a reusable filter for your Drinkwell 360™ pet fountain. When it’s time to change the filter, simply empty and rinse the canister, fill it with fresh activated carbon, and return it to the fountain. That’s it! The Forever Filter lets you keep your fountain running at a fraction of the cost.

Forever Filter vs disposable:

Water filters keep water fresh in two ways: a mesh captures large particles and a few teaspoons of activated carbon absorb some of the foul-tasting impurities.

Disposable filters currently on the market are sealed plastic cartridges that hold a fabric mesh and about 4 teaspoons of carbon. When the mesh gets clogged and the carbon becomes saturated, you have to throw out the entire cartridge.

With the Forever Filter you pay for the filter once, and the only thing you replace is also the least expensive part of the filter: the carbon.

The Forever Filter comes with enough carbon for 3 months to get you started. When you run out of the included carbon, you can buy more at a pet store or online. $6 of store-bought carbon will last almost 2 years if you change it every 2 weeks. In fact, it’s so inexpensive you can choose to change it as often as you want without worrying about the added cost.


  • Durable construction: designed to last as long as your fountain
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack only)
  • Resists clogging, which causes strain on pump motor
  • Includes a 3-month supply of activated carbon to get you started.

How to use the Forever Filter

  1. Remove caps by holding their edges and twisting.
  2. Dispose of used carbon. Consider adding it to compost or your garden!
  3. Clean caps and filter body. Rinse all parts. Be sure to clean the meshes. If necessary, clean with soap and water, or place in the top rack of the dishwasher.
  4. Insert one of the caps.
  5. Add carbon. Pour or scoop carbon to fill filter halfway. If you fill it more than halfway you might not have to refill it as frequently, but you might also see reduced water flow.
  6. Insert the other cap.
  7. Rinse filter before use. Activated carbon is usually very dusty. Hold filter under a faucet and run some water through it to wash off the carbon dust.
  8. Insert filter into fountain. Press it gently into place and make sure the top of the filter handle is below the top of the filter housing.

When to refill

Monitor the water quality and water flow in your fountain. You should clean and refill the filter when:

  • The water quality deteriorates
  • Water flow is reduced

Generally you will need to refill the filter every 2 weeks. Adjust this interval according to your pet’s preference and your fountain’s performance.
Buying more activated carbon

Activated carbon is a common aquarium supply found in most pet stores and on We recommend Acurel Extreme.

You won’t need much carbon. A 23 oz jug of Acurel Extreme will last almost 2 years and costs around $9.

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